BIS1 progenygroup in Lapua's all breed show. Humblepup Black Honey Bee and her progeny.

9.11.1996 Orivesi BIS breedergroup
from left: D. Wicked Whisper, D.Waggish Warrior, D. Winsome Whimsy and
D.Major Minion

29.8.2004 Constanta Romania. Denwest Chevalier BIG-1

Our gang in Constanta

Chevy, Pikkis and me on the coast of the Black Sea 29.8.2004

D. Willy-Nilly Woe and one of her hobbies; agility

Suniloxi Vieteri-Ville and Denwest Chevalier on top of the Dundret 2006

Lively old ones, D. Willy-Nilly Woe 11 years old and D. Moonlight Man 12 years old on autumn 2006

D. Czarina doing fetch with a 1m heigh obstacle

Suniloxi Vieteri-Ville and D. Chevalier in Gällivare 2005

D. Vicious Victor

D. Moonlight Man 12,5 years

D. Xandor

Finnish Dobermann Winner 2008 - BOB-junior Denwest X-mas RayofHope with judge Mrs. Kurvinen and BOS junior Kriegerhof Uma-Lina.

BIS1 breedergroup in Kankaanpää 12.4.2008

First working result to kennel Denwest: D. Czarina HK1 (search)

D. X-mas RayofHope and X-mas Dream Seinäjoki Int show 26.10.08
BOB & BOS with judge Lessi Chistyakova, Russia

D. Czarina and D. X-mas Dream with their prizes from Nokia show

D. Lady Mocovodo

D. X-mas Dream in skiingcompetition

HK1 BH D. Czarina & D. Eternal Eve

Tahi-Réme Fruttie & D. X-mas RayOfHope on March 2009

D. Arctic Madcap

D. X-mas Dream awarded our kennel's challege cup "Dixyn malja 2008"

D. Yokeri BOB and CAC in Varkaus
Iidu ja Riina
D. Czarina HK2 27.6.09 & D. X-mas Dream SE CH 4.7.09
Smart Stuff
D. Smart Stuff in summer 09

Finnish Dobermann Champion in tracking 2009 D. X-mas Dream

Karjaa show 2009, BOB CAC D. X-mas Saga BOS CAC D. Yokeri

D. Dillydallydroll BOS & CAC in Kauhajoki 09

BIS4 group in Kauhajoki 8.8.09

All our prizes from Kauhajoki show 8.8.09

D. Yohtotähti BIG1 in Kauhajoki show 8.8.09

D. Yohtotähti with his prizes from Kauhajoki show

17.10.2009 Tallinn, Estonia FH1 Denwest Dillydallydroll

D. Ed the Big Flop BIG1 BIS2 in Karijoki 22.5.2010

Karijoki 22.5.2010 BIS1-breederclass
(D. Mystic Mermaid, D. High Hope, D. Nyr's Hope & D. Ed the Big Flop)

Finnish Champion Denwest Dillydallydroll

Finnish Champion Denwest Czarina

Denwest Ideal Idol and Rule the Roost passed BH

Denwest agility-minipins in gold- and silver-winning teams in local championship:
One and Only, Aviator Ace & Bizarre Beau

Finnish Dobermann Champion in searching 2011 D. Czarina

Fi & Se & Ee CH Denwest Dillydallydroll

BIS-4 breederclass in Jaunmärupe, Latvia 24.7.2011

New Finnish Working Champion Denwest X-mas Dream

Three generations: daughter D. Prettyface, mother D. One and Only and grandmother D. Eternal Eve

New Finnish Champion Denwest Envy Entity

BIS2-breederclass in Oulainen 26.5.12

D. X-mas Dream WORKING CHAMPION of searching too

Great autumn 2012 to kennel Denwest:
D. Dillydallydroll Fin DV Champion in FH 2012 (Photo: M. Mönkkönen) - D. X-mas Dream IPO2 (Photo: M. Mönkkönen) - D. Femme Fatale HK1 (Photo: S. Ollila)

Great autumn 2013 to kennel Denwest:
D. Femme Fatale ZTP V1A & HK3, D. Fela Fabian IPO1 & D. Fatefull Fellow IPO2
(First photo: Maikku Mönkkönen)

Harjavalta 4.5.2014: D. Ideal Idol BIS1-veteran!!

& kennel Denwest BIS4-breeder

Photos: Harjavallan Palvelus- ja seurakoiraharrastajat ry

Oulu INT 18.5.2014 D. Femme Fatale FI CH

23.8.14 D. Ideal Idol Estonian Veteran Champion

23.8.2014 D. Femme Fatale Swedish Champion and 24.8. D. Rodolphe Forget Estonian Junior Champion!

Great autumn 2014 to mother and her children!

Mother D. X-mas Dream FH2

Son D. Fatefull Fellow IPO3, daughter D. Femme Fatale HK3 282p & daughter D. Fuel for Fire BH passed

Three generations: daughter D. Duplessis, grandmother D. X-mas Dream & mother D. Fuel for Fire

The brownies:
daughter FI & SE CH HK3 ZTPV1A BH AD MH D. Femme Fatale & mother
2 x Fi Working Champion, Baltic & FI, SE, EE, LE& LV CH JK3 HK3 EK3 IPO2 FH2 TK2 TK1
ZTP V1A BH AD MH D. X-mas Dream


Vuolasvirta-prize received from miniature pinscher breeding
on December 2015

D. Femme Fatale bronze in Finnish championships skijoring sprint!
(Photo: Mari Moisala)

BIS2-breeder in Seinäjoki 20.3.2016

Great Day in Harjavalta show 7.5.2016: Denwest Unique Dream BOB FI CH, Denwest X-mas Dream BOB-veteran and Denwest Notredame BOS.
Denwest Unique Dream ZTP V1B 10.7.2016
(Photo: Mari Moisala)

29.8.2016 D. Unique Dream Finnish Dobermannclub Championchip 2nd place in searching

3.9.2016 D. Femme Fatale finished her Finnish Working Champion title with points 279 / HK3

24.-25.9.2016 D. Trinity EE juniorchampion &
D. Femme Fatale EE CH

Kennel Denwest received second Vuolasvirta prize 10.12.2016 from dobermann breeding.
First came last year from minipin breeding.

Kauhava show BOB D. Trinity and BOS D. Unique Dream

D. Femme Fatale 4th in dobermann championships in skijoring 19.2.17

Finnish Working Dog championships 2017 and participating only two dobermanns in national trials.
Denwest Unique Dream & Mira Kastu and Denwest Femme Fatale & Katja Suvanto