D. Unique Dream 5 min EKG and heart ultra normal.
Nasevan Astraia and Nimrod Anne Pichten eyes healthy.
D. Eleanor and Dorothy eyes healthy.
D. Trinity 5 min EKG and heart ultra normal.
1.-2.8. Estonia double show
D. Eleanor both days junCAC and BOS. She became Estonian Junior Champion in 1 show, congratulations Ene and Aino!
D. Bertiela bloodtracking open class 49 points. Congratulations Nuusku and Anne and good luck to winnerclass!
D. Bertiela bloodtracking open class 48 points. Congratulations Nuusku and Anne!
Dobermannlitter FF (Mezzrow's Fabio x D. X-mas Dream) 10 years old! 5/9 of the litter still alive. Congratulations to all!
25.1. Turku int show
Judge Harry Tast. D. Eleanor BF2, CAC. Congratulations Ene and Aino!


D. Trinity CAH M0.

D. Trinity 5 min EKG & heartultra normal.

Daschund D. Bertiela Bloodtracking open class 38 points and best of the test. Congratulations Nuusku and Anne!
Dobermann D. Cairngorm Obedience competition, beginners class 180 points and honourprize. Congratulation Huge and Minna!
D. The World Is Not Enough put asleep, co-owners decision.
D. Bertiela eyes healthy
D. Adele eyes healthy

2018 D. Trinity 5 min EKG & heartultra normal.18.11.19 D. Trinity 5 min EKG & heartultra normal.
Frenchie D. Anyplaceanytime passed away at age 10 years. Sorry for your loss family Honkaheimo!
Minipin D. Passionate Pixy passed away at age 14 years, sorry for you loss Marianne!
Teckels Vika eyes healthy.
D. Unique Dream proceed tracking to open class -> JK2. Huge congratulations Supo and Mira!
D. Unique Dream continued with new trial again, now FH -> FH1. Huge congratulations Supo and Mira!
D. Unique Dream started new career as a tracking dog -> JK1. Huge congratulations Supo and Mira!
20.7. Finnish Working Dog championship 2018
D. Unique Dream was only dobermann in whole competition and made great job! Searching with great result 253 points. Huge congratulations Supo and Mira!
Grand-old-lady D. X-mas Dream passed away due accident at 11,5 year old. She left her footprints to Finnish dobermannhistory and life goes on with her descendants. Sorry for your loss Mira!
17.6. Karvia,
Judge Teija Salmi-Aalto. D. Deshar BOS, CAC and D.Trinity BF2, res-CAC. Congratulations Dina, Minna and Pekka!
D. Cairgorm & Minna Luukinen passed BH! Congratulations!!
D. Memyselfandi passed away at almost 9 year old. Sorry for your loss Tuula!
D. Living Daylights HD-B
29.4. Ruovesi
Judge Kimmo Mustonen. D. Make My Day BOB, D.Trinity BF2, CAC. Congratulations Tytti and Tiia!
14.4. Vaasa int
Jdge Birgit Seloy. D. Make My Day BF2 res-CACIB.
D. Cairngorm HD-c, OD-0/0, LTV0, VA0, SP2
My big love, once in a lifetime Dobermann Ee Vet Ch MH BH D. Ideal Idol was euthanized at age of 12 years

Nimrod Anne Pichten and Nasevan Astraia eyes healthy

3.-4.3. Finnish Championships in Skijoring, Keminmaa
On Saturday personal competiton D. Unique Dream & Mira Kastu 7th and almost 8 years old D. Femme Fatale & Liisa Tuorila 11th in women's B series. 
On Sunday Bronze in Finnish Championships skijoring relay to Kemin Seura- ja palveluskoirakerho's women's team:.Liisa Tuorila & D. Femme Fatale, Mira Kastu & D. Unique Dream ja Maria Kurttio & Ekhöjdens Ö'Sharma.

25.2. Kangasala
D. Unique Dream & Mira Kastu 5th place in dobermann championships in skijoring.

D. Full of Fairytale knees and eyes healthy

11.2. Keminnaa
D: Femme Fatale & Liisa Tuorila in skijoring competition, they got Silver in Local Championships.
D. Cairngorm knees 0/0, eyes healthy

Tahi-réme Fibie 5 min EKG & ultra clear, CAH M0


29.10. Seinäjoki int
Judge Torsten Lemmer. D. Unique Dream BOS, CACIB, D. Trinity BF3 and BOB-breeder. Thanks to all!
22.10. Rakvere, Estonia
Judge Karl-Erik Johansson. Nasevan Astraia BOB, CAC.
3.9. Finnish Dobermann Association FH-championships
D. X-mas Dream 91 poitns and silvermedal. She is now almost 11 year old! Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
2.9. Luige, Estonia
D. Adele BOB-junior, jun-CAC and BOS. Nasevan Astraia BF3, CAC.

4.-6.8. Paimio
Finnish working dog championships 2017. Participating only two dobermanns in national trials: half-siblings Denwest Femme Fatale & Katja and Denwest Unique Dream & Mira!

29.7.Pori int
Judge June Wall. D. Unique Dream BM2, res-CACIB.
D. Marblehead HD-D, Middleton HD-C and Prescott HD-C. All have LTV0, VA0 and SP0.
D. Marblehead, Middleton and Prescott eyes healthy.
10.6. Tuuri
Judge Maija Heinilä. D. Radisson BOS and CAC , Deshar BF3, Trinity Ex1, Cairgorn Ex2. BOB-breeder. Thanks all for a great day!
28.5. Harjavalta
Judge Al Daghistani Vojislav. D. Notredame BOB and CAC, Deshar BF2 res-CAC, D. Trinity Ex1, Marblehead Ex2 and Radisson Ex2.BOB-breeder and BIS3-breeder. Thanks all for a great day!
25.5. Helsinki
Judge Saija Juutilainen. D. Unique Dream BOS. Congratulations Supo and Mira!
D. Andover HD-C/B and Deshar D/C.
D. X-mas Dream 24h holter clear, no symptoms of DCM at 10,5 yrs age!
D. Trinity eyes healthy.
9.4. Vaasa int show
Judge Christine Watson Cyprus. D. Unique Dream BM2 res-CACIB, BM3 D. Andover res-CAC, D. Radisson BF2 res-CACIB res-CAC, BF3 D. Trinity, D. Deshar Ex1 CQ, D. Makemyday Ex4 CQ. BOB-breeder. Thanks to all again for great day!
11.-12.3. Lieksa, Finnish Championships in skijoring
D. Femme Fatale & Maria Kurttio 8th, D. Unique Dream & Mira Kastu 9th in Women B 5m. On sunday's relay race D. Unique Dream & Mira Kastu participated in bronze winning team! Congratulations girls!
D. Jean Drapeau OD - 0, HD - B/C
D. Jean Drapeau eyes healthy
Dobermann Championships in skijoring. D. Femme Fatale 4th in Women B 8km -series.
Kauhava, judge Kirsi Kentala. D. Trinity BOB & CAC, D. Unique Dream BOS, D. X-mas Dream BOB-veteran, D. Make my Day BF3, D. Deshar EX3 and D. Radisson EX2. BOB-breeder. Thanks again for a great day!
Frenchie D. Goldeneye knees & eyes healthy.
Kajaani INT show, judge Maija Hentilä. D. Jean Drapeau BOS, CACIB & CAC. Congratulations Rome & Annamari!
Tahi-Reme Fibie heart examination normal: 5min EKG & ultra. Cah M0.


Frenchie D. Exciting Eros HD-D, OD-0.
D. Ginger Spice knees & eyes healthy.
D. Just Me knees & eyes healthy.
D. Trinity HD-B, LTV0 and VA1.
RIP D. Rodolphe Forget, heart attack. Sorry for your loss, Minna and Ville!
RIP frencie D. Ace to Bogeyman.Sorry for your loss Aino and Hilla!
D. Unique Dream HK3 270p. Second 1st prize for this season, one to go to working champion title.. Congratulations Mira & Supo!
D. X-mas Dream Finnish Dobermannclub FH - Championchip silvermedal, 93 points. Huge congratulations Iidu and Mira!
25.9.Tallinn, Estonia
D. Trinity BOB-junior, jun-CAC and BF3. Now Assi is EE Juniorchampion! D. Femme Fatale EX2 CQ.
24.9. Tallinn, Estonia
D. Femme Fatale CAC -> EE CH. D.Trinity EX2 CQ. Congratulations Moona and Katja!
D. X-mas Dream dont stop her career, almost 10 years old already :-) Now FH2. Congratulations Iidu an Mira!
Minipin D. Hankypanky euthanized at age of 12 years. Sorry for your loss Minna!
4.9.Tallinn, Estonia
D. Trinity BOB-junior, jun-CAC and BF2. Judge Torsten Lemmer.
3.9. Luige, Estonia
D. Trinity BOB-junior, jun-CAC and BF2. Judge Sanna Vakkilainen.
Frenchie D. Arctic Madcap started her veterancareer with BOB-veteran, BF2 and res-CAC. Congratulations Greta and Maiju!
3.9. Kemi
D. Femme Fatale finished her Finnish Working Champion title points 279 / HK3. Congratulations Moona and Katja!
29.8. Hämeenlinna
D. Unique Dream Finnish Dobermannclub Championchip 2nd place in searching. Congratulations Supo and Mira!
Grand Old Lady D. Czarina slept away at age of 12 years. Sorry for your loss Katja!
21.8. Kokkola
D. Radisson BOB and CAC, judge Soile Bister. Congratulations Lexi and Tanja!
21.8. Tallinn, Estonia
Teckels Vika BOS, CAC and CACIB.
20.8. Tallinn, Estonia
Nimrod Anne Pichten EE CAC -> EE Ch. Teckels Vika BF4.
14.8. Oulu INT
D. Rodolphe Forget BOS, CAC and CACIB. Congratulations Roope and Minna!
D. Rodolphe Forget Finnish charactertest +186 points, secure to gunshots. Congratulations Roope & Minna!
30.7. Pori INT
Dobermanns D. Notredame BOB, CAC and CACIB, D. Trinity BF4, D. Unique Dream BM2 res-CACIB. BOB-breederclass (Unique Dream, Make My Day, Radisson ja Notredame). Daschunds Nimrod Anne Pichten BOS,CAC and CACIB -> Fi & Lv Ch, Teckels Vika BF3 res-CAC. Thanks to all for great day, again :-)
D. Rodolphe Forget passed BH-test. Congratulations Roope and Minna!
D. Unique Dream ZTP V1B. Congratulations Supo and Mira!
9.7. Kokkola
Judge Rade Vesic. Frenchie D. Goofy Gambler EX2 CQ. Well done Ahti, Raimo and Ingeborg!
D. Unique Dream HK3 270 points. Congratulations Supo and Mira!
D. Keep in Touch was euthanized at age 12,5 yrs old due cancer. Sorry for your loss Kaisa and Pasi!
D. One and Only got Agi CAC, one more and she will be Agility Champion. Congratulations Mimi and Hanna!
22.5. Koski
Judge Sanna Vakkilainen. D. Unique Dream was again BOB, third time in short time. Congratulations Supo and Mira!
21.5. Karijoki
Judge Tapani Pukkila. Teckels Vika BOB, CAC and also BOG-4.
D. X-mas Dream FH2, 86 points. Iidu is 9,5 years old and still competiing! Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
Frenchie D. Frosty Face knees and eyes healthy
8.5. Salo
Judge Tuula Savolainen. D. Unique Dreams again BOB! Congratulations Supo and Mira!
7.5. Harjavalta
Judge Pedro Sanchez Delerue Portugal. D. Unique Dream BOB -> FI CH, D. Notredame BOS and CAC. D. Rodolphe Forget BM2 res-CAC, D. Make My Day BF2, D. Marblehead BF4, D. X-mas Dream BOB-veteran and D. Trinity EX3. Breedersclass BOB. Thanks again to all who made this possible!!
D. Unbelievable was euthanized at almost 12 years old due diabetes. Sorry for your loss Sirpa!
20.3. Seinäjoki
Judge Saija Juutilainen. D. Trinity BOB-puppy, D. Make My Day BOS, D. Radisson BF2 CAC, D. Unique Dream BM2 res-CAC and D. Memyselfandi ex3. Our breederclass was BOB and end of the day also BIS2, judge Irina Poletaeva. Thanks to all for great day!
19.3. Seinäjoki
Judge Irina Poletaeva. Nimrod Anne Pichten CAC and BOB. Teckels Vika ex2.
6.3. Tallin, Estonia
Judge Bojan Matakovic, Croatia. D. Unique Dream again BOS and got 3rd CAC -> EE & LV CH! Congratulations Supo & Mira!
5.3. Tallinn, Estonia
Judge Jochen Eberhart Germany. D. Unique Dream BOS and got CAC. Congratulations Supo and Mira!
28.8. Imatra
D: Unique Dream 4th in Finnish DV Championships in skijoring. Congratulations!

20.2. Ohkola
D. X-mas Dream & D. Unique Dream 2nd in 2-dog sledrace.

7.2. Oulu
D. Femme Fatale bronze in Finnish championships skijoring sprint. Congratulations Moona & skiier Maria Kurttio & owner Katja!
31.1. Narva, Estonia
D. X-mas Dream BOB-veteran, BF3 -> EE & Balt VetChampion. Congatulations Iidu and Mira!
30.1. Narva,Estonia
D. Unique Dream BM2, CAC. Congratulations Supo and Mira!


5.12. HeW2015-show
D.Rodolphe Forget Ex1 CQ. I received highest breedingprize from Finnish Kennelclub, VUOLASVIRTA, from miniature pinscher breeding. Thanks for everyone who made this possible!
D. Laval was euthanized due aggressive cancer in mouth. Sorry for your loss Andreas and Tanja!
D. Piedmont heart ultra & 5min EKG normal.
D. Envy Me eyes and knees ok, Frenchie-litter planned winter 2016.
D. Nowise Novel was euthanized at age of 14,5 years. Sorry for your loss Suvi!
D. Femme Fatale first IPO-competition and great result; 270 points (89-100-81 VIK E). Congratulations Moona and Katja!
D. Magic Action knees ok, eyes vitreous degeneration.
D. X-mas Dream FH2, 86 points. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
25.10. Seinäjoki int
Nimrod Anne Pitchen and Teckels Vika classwinners wit CQ. Judge Anette Edlander, Sweden. Denwest Make My Day BF2 CAC res-CACIB, judge Helin Tenson. Congratulations Tytti and Tiia!
D. Femme Fatale HK3 with superpoints 289 (197/92) and second 1st prize. One more to go. :-) Congratulations Katja & Moona!
D. Unique Dream HK2 with 267p. Congratulations Mira & Supo!
11.10. Valmiera, Latvia
Judge Arne Foss. Nimrod Anne Pichten BM4 and got LV CAC. Dobermanns D. X-mas Dream got LV Vet CAC -> LV Vet CH and D. Unique Dream BM3 and got LV CAC. Not bad day :-) Thanks for great trip Mira and Marja!
D. Unget-at-able and D. Fast-n-Furious was euthanized. Sorry for your loss Kaisa!
Almost 9 years old D. X-mas Dream FH2, 85 points. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
27.9. Tallinn, Estonia
Judge Daniela Risdan. Teckels Vika BOB-junior, BF3 and got jun-CAC -> she became EE Jun Ch.

26.9. Tallinn, Estonia
Judge Daniela Radu. Teckels Vika BOB-junior, BF3 and got 2nd jun-CAC.

26.9. Salo
D. Unique Dream BM2 res-CAC. Congratulations Supo and Mira!
D. Duplessis PHTVL1, Nimrod Anne Pichten and Teckels Vika eyes healthy.
D. Rodolphe Forget PHTVL1, knees 0/0
Tahi-réme Fibie heartexam; ultrasound and 5 min EKG normal.
Tahi-réme Fibie CAH M0.
D. Unique Dream started his working career. HK1, points 264. Congratulations Supo and Mira!

D. Freedom passed away due heartattack. This was expected, but came sooner than we thought :-( RIP Sisu.

D. Rodolphe Forget HD-C, OD-0, SP0, VA1, LTV1.
D. Unequal eyes and knees healthy, he is 11, 5 years old.
1.8. Iisalmi INT
D: Rodolphe Forget BM2 and got his first CAC. Congratulations Roope and Minna! Judge Lynne Harwood, Australia.
D. Unique Dream and Mira made AD-test succesfully - Congratulations!
25.7. Jurva
Judge Karin Bergbom. Daschunds Nimrod Anne Pichten BOS and got first Finnish CAC. Teckels Vika BF2, res-CAC.
Grand old lady, dobermann D. Czarina 11 years!
5.7.Plunge, Lithuania
D. X-mas Dream BOB-veteran and also BOS –> LT VCH. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
D. Unique Dream passed BH-test. Congratulations Supo and Mira!
28.6. Luige, Estonia
Judge Zvi Kupferberg. Nimrod Anne Pichten BM3, CAC. Teckels Vika BOB-junior, jun-CAC and BOS. They were also best brace.
D. Rodolphe Forget passed MH-test. Congratulations Roope and Minna!
D. X-mas Ray of Light passed away due stomach torsion. Sorry for your loss Anne ja Jani!
D. Unique Dream passed MH-test. Congratulations Supo and Mira!
13.6. Tuuri
Judge Pekka Teini. Nimrod Anne Pichten EX2 CQ, Teckels Vika EX1.
7.6. Riihimäki
D. X-mas Dream BOB-veteran. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
D. Radisson HD-C/C, VA1, LTV0.
30.5. Estonian Winner Show 2015
Judge Juan Naveda Carrero. Nimrod Anne Pichten BOS-junior and got title Estonian Junior Winner 2015.
RIP D. Dervish-D due spondylosis at age of 10 years. Sorry for your loss, Tuomo.
Our Daschund Nimrod Anne Pichten bloodtracking competition 44 points –> 1st prize.
RIP D. Aviator Ace at age of 10 years. Sorry for your loss, Anna.
RIP D. Magic Avenger due behavior problems. Sorry for your loss Elina and Annika.
10.5. Harjavalta
D. Radisson Interm.Ex2 CQ, D. Make My Day Open Ex3 CQ, D. X-mas Dream BF3, BOB-veteran.
Our kennel was awarded Finnish dobermannclub's Best Breeder 2014!!
RIP D. Do It Alma due backproblems. Sorry for your loss, Minna.
D. Unique Dream PHTVL/PHPV 1
D. Fuel for Fire CAH M0.
D. Dillydallydroll was euthanized due spondylosis and wobbler. Sorry for your big loss, Tarja!

D. Make My Day HD-C/B, LTV0, SP0, VA0.

D. Fatefull Fellow vWd free.
D. Memory Maker eyes and knees healthy.
25.1. Narva, Estonia
Teckels Vika BOB-puppy, Nimrod Anne Pichten BOB and BOG4. Thanks for great companion Heidi!
24.1. Narva, Estonia
Teckels Vika BOB-puppy and BIS4-puppy. Nimrod Anne Pichten BM3.


Torontos Farina HD-A/A, OD-0/0, SP1, LTV2, VA0.
Torontos Farina eyes healthy.
D. Bizarre Beau passed away. Sorry for your loss, Anna.
D. Crystal Eye knees re-examination, because we didin't believe the first result - new result is 1/0. That sounds more believable for her.
7.12. Finnish Winner 2014
Judge Wilma Weijmans-Strijbos. Frenchie D. Exciting Eros jun Ex.
D. Radisson eyes healthy, D. Cute Candy eyes and knees healthy and D. Crystal Eye eyes healthy, knees 2/3.
Puppyshow, judge Kirsi Tevalin. D. Eagle Eye BOB-puppy. Congratulations Simo and Hanna!
D. Femme Fatale SP4, LTV0, VA0.
26.10. Seinäjoki int show
Judge Paavo Mattila. D. Make My Day BF4. Congratulations!
Belgiumguy D. Fatefull Fellow got IPO3 (90-72-84) 248 points. Huge congratulations Fellow and Marleen!
D. Ginger Spice eyes, knees and heart auscultation healthy.
D. Femme Fatale HK3 with superpoints 88/194 -> 282p. Huge congratulations Moona and Katja! Next year we will have another workingchampion again. ;-)
D. X-mas Dream FH2 83 points. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
11.10. Minipin specialty in Kannus
Judge Helle Gadeberg from Denmark. D. Last Rascal in his first show jun Ex2 CQ, D. Magic Avenger Ex, D. Last Idea Ex3, D. Ginger Spice Ex2 and D. Envy Entity first time in veteran class Ex4. Our breederclass (Last Rascal, Magic Avenger, Ginger Spice, Envy Entity) was 4th without honourprize. Thanks to all for great day; lot of laugh and having good time!
D. Make My Day passed BH-test and D. Femme Fatale was in Finnish charactertest +156 points. Well done girls!
Tahi-réme Fibie HD-B, OD-0, VA1, LTV0
D. Just In Time Finnish charactertest +135 points. Congratulations Däni and Taina!
D. Fuel for Fire passed BH-test. Congratulations Friidu and Heidi!
24.8. Tallinn int show
Judge Juri Gergel. D. Rodolphe Forget BOS-junior and finished his Estonian Junior Champion-title. 3 shows and 3 JCACs, not bad. Huge congratulations Roope and Minna! D. Ideal Idol BOB-veteran and BOS, not bad at age of 8,5 years in int show! Frenchie D. Cute Candy Ex4 CQ intermediate class. Thanks to all who made this superweekend possible!!!!
23.8. Rovaniemi int
Judge Hannele Jokisilta. D. Last Idea jun Ex1.
23.8. Överkalix, Sweden
Judge Benny Blid v Schedvin. D. Femme Fatale BOB and CAC –> Swedish Champion!!! Huge congratulations Moona and Katja!!
23.8. Tallinn int show
Judge Mari Palgi. D. Rodolphe Forget BOB-junior again and BOS, D. Ideal Idol BOB-veteran, BM2 and finished his Estonian Veteran Champion title. Congratulations Roope and Minna!
Started our weekend in Estonia, first day at Luige show (judge Sanna Vakkilainen). D. Rodolphe Forget BOB-junior and BOB, D. Ideal Idol BOS-veteran and BM2. Congratulations Roope and Minna!
D. Posh Spice eyes and knees healthy.
D. Jean Drapeau BOS and CAC in his first shoe, judge Helin Tenson. Huge congratulations Rome and Anna-Mari
D. Czarina turned 10 years! Congratulations!
28.6. Gällivare INT
D. Femme Fatale Ex1. Judge Paul Stanton.
14.6. Kauhajoki
D. Make Your Move HK1 – well done Sara and Laura!
18.5. Oulu INT
Judge Ilona Onstenk-Schenk. D. Rodolphe Forget Ex1 and D. Femme Fatale BF2, got CAC and res-CACIB and became FI CH!! CACIB also will be confirmed to her later. Huge congratulations Moona and Katja!
17.5. Oulu
D. Femme Fatale BF4 res-CAC. Judge Magdalena Kozlowska, Poland.

4.5. Harjavalta
Judge Lidija Oklescen Slovenia. D. Tremblant Ex1, D. Ideal Idol BM2 and BIS-1 veteran (judge Suncica Lazic Serbia), BOB-veteran, D. Notredame Ex3, D. Make My Day Ex1 BF2 res-CAC. kennel Denwest BOB-breeder and also BIS-4 breeder ( judge Lidija Oklescen Slovenia) . Thanks to all for this great day!!!

Tahi-réme Fibie eyes healthy.
26.4. Vaasa INT
D. Cute Candy Ex1
D. Unique Dream vWD carrier.
11.4. Tallinn, Estonia
D. Ideal Idol Tallinn Veteran Winner 2014 and BOS-veteran.
D. Fuel For Fire CAH M0.
D. Fleur Du Temps ( 9 years) was euthanized due cancer. Sorry for your loss, Saaga!
D. Unique Dream HD-B, OD-0, LTV-0 and VA-0.
29.3. Kemijärvi
D. Femme Fatale BF3 Res-CAC. Judge Saija Juutilainen.
D. Can Be an Angel (12 years) was euthanized. Sorry for your big loss, Pia!
D. Mystic Mocovodo was euthanized due mysterious disease, autopsy will be made. Sorry for your loss Neta!
Frenchie-litter was born, more PUPPIES-page.
Denwest Cock died at age of almost 10 years. Sorry for your lost Pekka & Maarit!
15.2. Pello
Judge Leni Finne. D. Femme Fatale Ex1.
D. X-mas Dream CAH M0
D. X-mas Dream heart auscultation normal.
D. Own Will eyes HC.
25.1. Narva, Estonia
D. Magic Avenger Ex2 CQ.
18.1. Turku int
Judge Tomas Borkowski. D. Unique Dream Ex1.


30.11. Narva, Estonia
D. Tremblant BOB-baby and Tahi-Réme Fibie BOB-junior and got jun-CAC. Thanks Mira for company and presenting my dogs!
9.11. Belgium
D. Fatefull Fellow IPO2 A92 B75 C94 and D. Fela Fabian IPO1 A97 B96 C96. Huge Congratulations Fellow and Marleen and Fabian and Bert!
D. Ed the Big Flop eyes and knees healthy at age of 8,5 years. Also D. Legal Limit eyes still healthy.
28.10. Lahti
D. Posh Spice BOS-puppy. Congratulations Pipsa and Noora!
D. Currant was euthanized at age of 9,5 years. Sorry for your loss, Katja!
6.10. Tromso, Norway
D. X-mas Dream BF2 res-CACIB. Congratulations Iidu & Mira!

28.9. Riga, Latvia
D. Unique Dream BOB-puppy. Congratulations Supo & Mira!

D. Rough Rebel was euthanized at age of 10,5 years due cancer. Sorry for your loss, Lotta!
D. Femme Fatale HK3, 260p (first competition in 3rd class, 4th in her whole career :-) ). Congratulations Moona and Katja!
D. She Made It eyes healthy.
D. Femme Fatale passed ZTP-test with the best possible result V1A! Congratulations Moona and Katja!
D. Shady Shadow was euthanized due spondylosis. Sorry for your loss, Jarmo.
D. Prettyface passed Finnish charactertest with excellent result +172, secure with gunshots. Judges Reijo Hynynen & Jari Keinänen.
D. She Made It heart and knees healthy.
3.8. Turku
Judge Robert Bambach. D. X-mas Dream BOS. Congratulaition Iidu and Mira!
D. Midsummer Faith HD-A elbows 0/0
D. Make Your Move HD-B/A elbows 0/0
21.7. Tornio
D. Femme Fatale EX1. Judge Jesper Andersson, Sweden.
D. Midsummer Hope eyes and knees healthy.
Dobermann litter born. See more at Puppies-page.
D. Midsummer Faith knees 0/0
D. X-mas Dream HK3 (288 points) and became Finnish Working Champion also from searching! Huge Congratulations Iidu and Mira! You´re SOOOOO supercouple!
7.7.Piteå, Sweden
D. Femme Fatale EX1. Judge Barak Yochai, Israel.
29.6. Gällivare, Sweden
D. Femme Fatale EX1. Judge Aase Jacobsen, Norway.
D. Femme Fatale HK2! 1-prize with excellent result 279p (196+83), congratulations!
D. Make Your Move passed BH-test. Congratulations Sara and Laura!
D. Fuel for Fire eyes healthy.
D. Make my Day PHTVL 1.
Supercouple Mira & D. X-mas Dream FH1 with 85 points. Congratulations!
D. Fuel for Fire and D. Ideal Idol CAH M0.
D. X-mas Dream started year 2013 with great result: EK3, 247p. Huge congratulations Mira & Iidu!
D. Rule the Roost died suddenly at age of 10 years. Sorry for your loss, Heidi!
D. Caramia was euthanized due cancer. Sorry for your loss, Saara!
13.4. Vaasa
Judge Harry Tast. D. Magic Avenger interm. Ex2.
Old men D. Chevalier and Suniloxi Vieteri-Ville was euthanized. Sorry for your loss, Marko!
30.3. Latvian Winner-show
D. Rule the Roost Latvian Veteran Winner. Congratulations Roni and Heidi!
D. Yohtotähti was euthanized, waiting for autopsy results. Sorry for your loss, Joni and thanks for giving Jojo such a good home!
24.2. Tuusniemi
D. Midsummer Hope BOB-puppy. Congratulations Demi and Minna!
D. Total Fame to Veynau finished his German Champion. Huge congratulations Leevi and Bärbel!


D. Racy Ragdoll passed away suddenly (heart?). Sorry for your loss, Tatu!
D. Flaming Fling HD-C OD-0. Spine ok, C7 vertebral malformation.
D. Envy Entity eyes & knees healthy.
D. Caesar euthanized due DCM. Sorry for your loss Jartsa.
D. Femme Fatale eyes healthy & D. Prettyface eyes & knees healthy.
D. Bizarre Beau eyes HC.
28.10. Helsinki
D. Fuel for Fire in charactertest +128 points, secure to gunshots.
28.10. Seinäjoki int
Judge Petrus Roosenboom, Belgium. D. Make My Day BOB, CACIB and CAC and her halfsister D. Me Myself and I BF2 rec-CACIB, res-CAC. Congratulations!
D. X-mas Dream HK3. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
D. Dillydallydroll FH2 (97 points) and became Finnish Dobermann Club Champion 2012. Congratulations Didi and Tarja!
D. After Me Please was euthanized due back problems. Sorry for your loss Tanja and Mika!
D. X-mas Dream HK3. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
D. X-mas Dream IPO2 in Finnish Dobermann Clubs championships. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
D. Femme Fatale HK1 in first competition. Congratulations Moona and Katja!
D. Fast Forward put asleep due knee problems. Sorry for your loss, Riikka.
D. Magic Avenger eyes and knees healthy.
D. Tender Touch euthanasy. RIP Lenny and sorry for your loss Heidi.
22.9. Turku
Judge Hanne Laine Jensen. D. After Me Please BOB & CAC. Congratulations Muru, Tanja and Mika!
2.9. Kemi
D. Femme Fatale passed AD-test. Well done Moona and Katja!
2.9. Vaasa
D. Dillydallydroll FH2, 90 points. Congratulations Didi and Tarja!
1.9. Dobermann Championship
D. X-mas Dream EK2, 269 points. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
D. Fear Factor HD-B, OD-0.
D. Fear Factor eyes healthy.
Tahi-réme Fruttie was euthanized due mamal tumours. Miss her!
5.8. Överkalix, Sweden
D. Magic Avenger BM2 res-cac. Congratulations Turbo and Annika!
D. Bizarre Beau got silvermedal in Finnish Miniaturepinscher Club Agility Championship! Huge congratulations Remu and Anna!
4.8. Pyhtää
Old lady D. Dillydallydroll made it – she got FH2 with 91 points! There has been so many difficulties in Didis career, that I am more than happy for them. Huge congratulations!
21.7. Kemi int
Judge Anita Whitmarsh Sweden. D. Femme Fatale BF2 res-CAC and res-CACIB. D. Make My Day Ex2. Congratulations!
8.7. Kokkola int
Judge Kirsi Kentala. D. make My day BOB and CAC. Congratulations!
D. High Hope and D. No Fear was euthanized due changed situations, no healthy problems. Sometimes have to do very, very hard decisions.
Minipinpuppies were born, see more PUPPIES- site.
D. X-mas Dream and Mira competed first time in general trial (EK) with exellent result 289 points. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
2.6. Tallinn, Estonian Winner Show
Elofanius Beatrice Ex2 jun-CAC. D. Rule the Roost Estonian Veteran Winner 2012. Congratulations!
26.5. Dobermann Specialty Show
Judge Attilio Polifrone, Italy. D. Rule the Roost BOB-veteran at age of 9 years. Congratulations Roni and Heidi!
26.5. Oulainen
Judge Juta Haranen, Estonia. D. Chevalier BOB-veteran BM4, D. Legal Limit BM2 res-CAC, D. Envy Entity BOS, CAC and became FI Ch. Breederclass BOB and BIS2 (judge Anita Whitmarsh, Sweden). Congratulations and Thanks to all for such great day!
20.5. Kempele
Judge Juta Haranen Estonia. D. Femme Fatale BOB, D. Ideal Idol BOS, D. Rule the Roost BOB-veteran BM2, D. Make My Day BF4, D. Fuel For Fire Ex2. BOB-breederclass. Minipinschers D. Prettyface Ex2 and BOB-breederclass. Judge Anna Brankovic Serbia. Thank you ALL who made this super day possible!!
6.5. Raisio
D. X-mas Dream HK3. Congratulations Mira and Iidu!
6.5. Harjavalta
D. Chevalier BOS-veteran, BM4. Judge Moidrag Vretenicic, Montenegro. D. Fuel for Fire BOB and CAC, D. Make My Day BF2 res-CAC. BOB-breeder class. Judge Sanja Vretenicic, Montenegro. Congratulations Heidi & Friidu and Tiia, Juha and Tytti! Thanks to all for great company at showplace
D. Fast Forward CAH M0
D. X-mas Dream CAH M0
D. X-mas Dream cardio tested normal: ultrasound, EKG, Holter 24h.
7.4. Geel, Belgium
D. Fela Fabian passed BH-test. Congratulations Fabian and Bert!
D. Ideal Idol CAH M0.
D. X-mas Saga passed away due stomach torsion.
D. Chevalier (10 years), D. Flaming Fling, Thrower Dynasty Udo and Greatman´s Wapun-Wilma eyes healthy, G´s Wapun-Wilma also knees healthy. Multatuli Jivago HC, now he will enjoy rest of his life in soft sofa :-)
D. Total Fame to Veynau passed AD-test. Congratulations Leevi and Bärbel!
31.3. Kemijärvi
Judge Jari Laakso. D. Magic Avenger BOB-puppy. Congratulations Turbo and Annika!
D. Rule the Roost became Lt Vet Ch and Balt Veteran Champion. Congratulations Roni and Heidi!
D. X-mas Dream was awarded Fin DV's the most diverse dobermann in 2011.
Our young hope D. Total Recall passed away after tragic accident and sepsis. Sorry for your loss Heidi!
SWH Jet Set euthanized after DCM-diagnose (holter). She was real Dobermann with big D, we will always remember her.
22.1. Turku int show
Judge Horst Kliebenstein, Germany. D. X-mas Dream CACIB and BOS. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
D. Own Will eyes HC.
15.1. Kajaani int show
Judge Inger Dahle, Norway. D. Blessed Bailiff CAC, CACIB and BOS. Congratulations Einari and Pia!


D. Nasty Nitwit passed away due osteosarcoma
D. Legal Limit eyes and knees still healthy
D. Fast Forward HD-C/B.
4.12. Finnish Winner
Judge M-L Kurvinen. D. Fuel for Fire Ex2 CQ.
3.12. Helsinki Winner
D. Fuel for Fire Ex3.
26.11. Narva, Estonia
D. No Fear at her 2nd show with excellent result; BOB! Judge Lidia Repina from Belarus said optimal pinscher :- ) D. Make My Day first time in juniorclass EX2 and got jun-CAC. Congratulations Tytti and Tiia! Judge was Maria Kovalenko from Russia.
D. Femme Fatale and Fast Forward MH-tested. Congratulations Moona & Katja and Arttu & Riikka!
D. Fatefull Fellow passed BH-test. Congratulations Marleen!
Very sad day. Young hope D. Face the Fact had to euthanize because epileptic seizure didn't stop. There are no words Mira, we are so sorry for your loss :´(
D. X-mas Dream HK3! Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
D. After Me Please eyes healthy.
30.10. Seinäjoki int
Judge Ann-Chatrine Edoff, Sweden. D. Fuel for Fire BOB, CAC. D. Face the Fact Ex1, D. Flaming Fling Ex2, D. Make My Day Ex2. D. Blessed Bailiff BM4. Congratulations!
D. Face the Fact passed BH-test. Congratulations Ramo and Mira!
15.10. Rakvere, Estonia
Judge Hassi Assenmacher from Germany. D. Total Recall finished his EE & LV Junior Champion title with BOB-junior and BM3. Congratulations Zorbas and Heidi!
D. Fast Forward eyes healthy.
Supercouple did it again! D. X-mas Dream HK2 286p (94/192p)! Congratulations Mira & Iidu!
1.10. Fin DV IPO championship
First IPO-result to our kennel. D. X-mas Dream A89 B87 C82 258p IPO1. Huge congratulations supercouple Mira & Iidu!
Second FF-puppy (1,5 years) passed BH-test! Congratulations D. Fast Forward & Riikka!
D. Total Fame to Veynau passed charactertest in Germany. Congratulations!
24.9. Osnabruck, Germany
D. Total Fame to Veynau Ex1, CAC. Congratulations!
Frenchie D. Arctic Madcap in Finnish charactertest, +188p secure to gunshuts.
D. Charisma passed away due osteosarcoma.
D. United Inna eyes healthy.
11.9. Raisio
Judge Tijana Konrad from Serbia. D. Face the Fact BOS and D. Flying Fun BF4. Congratulations!
10.9. Fin DV FH-championship 2011
D. Dillydallydroll FH2 & bronze medal with excellent result, 85 points! Huge congratulations Tarja & Didi!
9.9. Rovaniemi
First FF-puppy passed BH-test. Congratulations D. Femme Fatale and Katja!
28.8. Tervakoski
Judge Helin Kasuk-Tenson. D. Fast Forward Ex3.
D. Total Recall knees and eyes healthy.
D. Me Myself and I eyes healthy.
21.8. Tallinn, Estonia
Judge Petrus Roosenboom, Belgium. Maximus-Box Ephedrine BOB- junior. Judge Jaoa Vasco Pocas, Portugal. D. Make My Day BOS-puppy. Congratulations!
20.8. Tallinn, Estonia
Judge Jaoa Vasco Pocas, Portugal. Maximus-Box Ephedrine BOB-junior. Judge Maite Gonzalbo Lorenzo, Spain. D. Make My Day BOS-puppy. Congratulations!
D. Femme Fatale HD-A, OD-0 and D. Flying Fun HD-C, OD-0.
14.-15.8. Finnish Working Championship
Our supercouple D. X-mas Dream and Mira were first time in Finnish Working Championship competition. They were at place 6!!! There were 52 participants. Huge congratulations Iidu and Mira!
14.8. Kajaani
Judge Juta Haranen Estonia. D. One and Only BF3. Congratulations!
D. Face the Fact HD-A, OD-0 and D. Fuel for Fire HD-B/A, OD-0.
7.8. Saarijärvi
Judge Wera Hubenthal Norway. D. Rule the Roost BOB- veteran and D. Fuel for Fire BOS. Congratulations!
25.7. Marupe, Latvia
Judge Richard Kinsey, Great Britain. D. Face the Fact jun-CAC and BM3, D. Rule the Roost BM4, D. Dillydallydroll BF3, D. X-mas Dream ex2 (didn´t shown in best female-class) and D. Fuel for Fire ex3. Minipin D. Total Recall got jun-CAC. Congratulations!
24.7. Marupe, Latvia
Judge Gustaaf v d Bosch Belgium. D. Rule the Roost BOB-veteran, D. Face the Fact ex2, D. X-mas Dream BOS –> LV and Baltic Champion! , D. Dillydallydroll BF5 and D. Fuel for Fire ex3. Our breedersclass was BOB and BIS-4!! Congratulations! Maximus-Box Ephedrine Jun Ex1, BF3.
23.7. Märupe, Latvia
Judge Gustaaf v d Bosch, Belgium. Maximus-Box Ephedrine BOB and she became Latvian Junior Champion!
18.7. Viimsi, Estonia
D. Total Recall jun-CAC and BM4, judge Boris Baic Slovenia. D. Face the Fact BM3, D. Rule the Roost BM4 and D. Fuel for Fire BOS-junior BF4, judge Nikolina Davidovska Bulgaria.
17.7. Viimsi, Estonia
Judge Robert Blumel, Austria. D. Rule the Roost BM4, D. Face the Fact ex3 and D. Fuel for Fire BOS-junior –> Ee&Lv&Rus Jun Ch. Congratulations! Judge Nikolina Davidovska, Maximus-Box Ephedrine BOS-junior and BOS. She became Estonian Junior Champion!
16.7. Viimsi, Estonia
Judge Lidia Sokolova. Maximus-Box Ephedrine BOS-junior and BOS.
3.7. Ogre, Latvia
D.Envy Entity LV Ch. Congratulations!
9.7. Viljandi, Estonia
Judge Eytan Hendel from Israel D. Rule the Roost BOB- veteran and BM2 and now he is EE&LV Veteran Champion. D. Fuel for Fire BOS- junior and BOS. D. Total Recall BOB-junior and BM2. Congratulations!
R.I.P. D. X-mas RayOfHope, stomach torsion.
3.7. Karjaa
Judge Ligita Zake from Latvia. D. Rule the Roost BOB-veteran and BM2, D. Face the Fact BOS and got CAC, D. Fuel for Fire BOB and got CAC. Congratulations!
2.7. Finnish Dobermann Championship in working
Grand-old-lady D. Czarina and Katja made it! Riina got HK3 and became Finnish Dobermann Champion in searching!! I'm so proud of you :-)
2.7. Juva
Judge Jari Laakso. D. Arctic Madcap first time in show after puppies and was EX2.
26.6. Rovaniemi int
Judge Ligita Zage from Latvia. D. Femme Fatale BF2 and got CACIB and res-CAC. Congratulations!
25.6. Luige, Estonia
Judge Bas Bosch, Belgium. Maximus-Box Ephedrine BOS-junior and BOS.
19.6. Riihimäki
Judge Rade Vesic from Serbia. D. Face the Fact BOS and got CAC. Congratulations!
18.6. Pietarsaari
D. Flaming Fling Ex1, D. Rule the Roost BOB- veteran and BM2 and D. Fuel for Fire BOB and got CAC. Judge Lena Ståhlhandske from Sweden. Minipin D. Total Recall in his first show and was BOB and got CAC, judge was Jari Laakso. Congratulations!
D. Fleur du Temps and D. Own Dream eyes healthy.
5.6. Tallinn, Dobermann Specialty Show
Judge Ole Vandsoe Andersen, Denmark. D. Rule the Roost BIS2-veteran, D. Dillydallydroll Ex3, D. Face the Fact Ex4 and D. Fuel for Fire Ex2. Congratulations!
4.6. Tallinn, Estonian Winner show
D. Rule the Roost BOS-veteran and Estonian Veteran Winner 2011, D. Fuel for Fire jun Ex2. Judge Ferdinando Asnaghi, Italy. D. Chevalier BOS-veteran and Estonian Veteran Winner 2011, judge Yolanda Nagler Magal, Israel. Congratulations!
29.5. Harjavalta
Judge Beata Petkevica. D. Envy Entity BF2 res-CAC and D. Femme Fatale BOS and got first CAC. Congratulations!
D. X-mas Dream competed first time this year in tracking and got what needed :-) Final result for Finnish Working Champion!! First in our kennel, but hope not last ;-) Huge congratulations Iidu and Mira!
28.5. Vyborg, Russia
D. Fuel for Fire BOB-junior and BOB. Congratulations!
28.5. Tuuri
Judge Kirsi Kentala. D. Me Myself and I in her first show BOS and got CAC. D. Rule the Roost BOB-veteran. Congratulations!
28.5. Dobermann Specialty show
Judge Erika Szokol. D. Dillydallydroll won workingclass!! Congratulations!
22.5. Rusko
Obedience day. In Southwest Finland's championship: D. X-mas Dream open class winner 161,5 points –> TK2 and D. Czarina beginners class winner 177 points –>TK1. Huge congratulations. They also participated in a team, that got silver medal. :-)
21.5. Helsinki
Judge Danilo Furlani from Switzerland. D. Fuel for Fire BF2 res-CAC BOB-junior. Congratulations!
D. Fast-n-Furious eyes cataractasuspicion.
7.5. Tampere int
Judge Jean Blangino from France. D. Blessed Bailiff BM3, res-CAC, res-CACIB. Congratulations!
D. Czarina competed in obedience beginnerclass with 189,5 points & honourprize. Well done Riina and Katja!
7.5. Talsi, Latvia
D. Rule the Roost BOB-veteran and BM4, D. Face the Fact Ex2 and D. Fuel for Fire jun-CAC BF2, judge George Schogol, Georgia. Congratulations!
Frenchie D. Blaze of Beauty knees and heart healthy
Frenchie D. Blessed Bailiff knees and heart healthy.
D. Rule the Roost MH-tested.
10.4. Rakvere, Estonia
Judge Cristian Stefanescu, Romania. D. Face the Fact BM4 and D. Fuel for Fire BF2, jun-cac. Congratulations!
9.4. Rakvere, Estonia
Judge Kresten Scheel, Denmark. D. Face the Fact BM2.
D. Ideal Idol got Pohjanmaan malja- challenge cup in Finnish Dobermann Club Pohjanmaa area.
D. X-mas Dream became Lithuanian Champion. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
D. Shilly-Shally eyes healthy.
5.3. Eura
D. Chevalier BOB-veteran, D. Ed the Big Flop EX2 CQ, judge Paavo Mattila. Dobes saved the day: mother D. X-mas Dream BOB, children D. Flying Fun BF2 CAC, D. Femme Fatale BF4, D. Face the Fact BM4, D. Fast Forward Ex2 CQ and BOB-breederclass, judge Julija Aidietiene, Lithuania!! Congratulations!
DCM gene test WSU D.Ideal Idol Positive hetero, D. Caramia Negative, D. Flaming Fling Positive hetero, D. Me Myself and I Negative & D. Rule the Roost Negative.
12.2. Hämeenlinna
Fin Dobermanns' Championship of skiing 2011, D. X-mas Dream & Mira Kastu got bronze medal. Congratulations!
11.2. Tallinn, Estonia
Judge Karl Reisinger, Austria. D. X-mas Dream got EE CAC and became EE Champion. Congratulations Iidu and Mira!
Minipins puppies has born, see more on PUPPIES site.
Turku int. D. Fuel for Fire jun ex3, D. Femme Fatale jun ex. Judge Philip Greenway, UK.


D. Me Myself and I CAH M0 and vWd carrier
12.12. Winner-show, Helsinki
Frenchie D. Blessed Bailiff Ex2. judge Torbjörn Skaar from Sweden.
11.12. HeW-int show, Helsinki
Juniorfrenchies D. Blessed Bailiff HeJW-10, BM4 and D. Blaze of Beauty Ex4. Judge Damir Skok, Croatia..Huge congratulations Einari and Pia!
DCM Gene test WSU SWH Jet Set Positive hetero, D. Czarina Positive hetero, D.Flying Fun Negative, D. X-mas Dream Positive hetero.
7.11. Lohja puppyshow
Judge Helena Hyvönen. D. Face the Fact BMpuppy2 and D. Flying Fun BFpuppy2. Congratulations!
31.10 Baltic Winner show Riga, Latvia
Judge Massimiliano Manucci, Italy. D. Blaze of Beauty walked her mother's footsteps and became Baltic JuniorWinner!
30.10. Baltic Winner show Riga, Latvia
Judge Anatoly Zhuk. D. Chevalier Baltic VeteranWinner, BOB-veteran, BM2, LV Vet CAC -> LV Vet Ch. Still going strong :-)
D. After me Please knees re-examined, result 0/1.
24.10. Seinäjoki int show
D. Ed the Big Flop BM3, judge Maritha Östlund-Holmsten, Sweden. Juniorfrenchies D. Blessef Bailiff Ex3 and D. Blaze of Beauty Ex3. Judge Annette Bystrup, Denmark.
D. After Me Please knees 1/2.
10.10. Tuulos
Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. D. After Me Please Ex3.
9.10. Sundsvall, Sweden
Judge Sonny Ström. D. Ed the Big Flop BM3, CAC -> SE Ch. D. Dillydallydroll BF4, CAC -> SE Ch. Congratulations Didi and Tarja!
D. Ideal Idol was MH-tested. Judges Carina Timberg and Marina Bast.
R.I.P D. Deep Dream.
18.9. Turku puppyshow
Judge Anneli Karttunen. D. Femme Fatale BOB- puppy, D. Face the Fact best malepuppy at age 5-7 months. Congratulations Moona & Katja and Ramo & Mira!
18.9 Orivesi puppyshow
Judge Irina Poletaeva. D. Fuel for Fire BOB-puppy. Congratulations Friidu & Heidi!
D. Rule the Roost and D. Ideal Idol passed BH, judge Mikael Kallio. Congratulations Heidi and Roni, also to myself :-)
11.9. Porvoo
Judge Inger Dahle from Norway. Frenchie D. After me Please Ex2
D. Eternal Eve passed Finnish charactertest with great result, 113 points, secure with gunshots. Congratulations Eve and Katja!
5.9. Liminka
Judge Markku Kipinä. Frenchie D. Blessed Bailiff started his career and was BOS-puppy. Congaratulations Einari and Pia!
4.9. Liminka
Judge Niksa Lemo. D. Chit-Chat BOB-veteran. Congratulations Samira and Pia!
4.9. Tallinn, Estonia
Judge Gustaaf v d Bosch from Belgium. D. Dillydallydroll BF2 and got CAC. She became Ee Ch! Congratulations Didi and Tarja!!
Pippa has mated with Usko, minipinpuppies expected - more PUPPIES-site.
20.8. Närpiö
D. Czarina and D. Ideal Idol competed first time in obedience; Riina won beginnerclass with 191 points & honourprize and Masa got 3rd prize with 139 points. Congratulations Katja and Riina, we will train with Masa a little bit more :-)
D. Mystic Mermaid knees and eyes healthy.
15.8. Turku
Judge Harry Vella, Malta. D. Czarina workingclass Ex2.
D. Dillydallydroll CAH M0.
7.8. Nokia
D. Czarina BOB and became Finnish Champion!! D. Ideal Idol BOS and got CAC. Now he has also showmerits for Fi Ch. Judge was Juta Haranen, Estonia. Minipin D. Eternal Eve Ex3, judge Carsten Birk, Denmark. Congratulations Riina and Katja!
7.8. Kuopio int
Judge Antonio di Lorenzo, Italy. D. After me Please Ex2 and D. Arctic Madcap Ex3.
6.8. Kuopio int
Judge Gerardo Paolucci, Argentina. D. After me Please Ex2 and D. Arctic Madcap Ex3.
24.7. Helsinki
Judge Harry Tast. D. Dillydallydroll was BOB and became Finnish Champion!! Congratulations Didi and Tarja!
18.7. Ylivieska int
Dobermann Denwest Yohtotähti BM3, judge Csaba Zsolt Lokodi, Romania. Minipins D. Envy Entity BF3 res-cacib and D. Eternal Eve BF4, judge Hannele Jokisilta. Congratulations!
D. X-mas Dream were tracking. 79/194 points and excellent result. One more like this ans Iidu will be working champion... Congatulations!
10.7. Oulu int
Minipin D. Legal Limit BM3 res-cac, judge Ann Rode Sweden. Frenchies D. Arctic Madcap Ex2 and Thrower Dynasty Ufo Ex4, judge Claudio de Giuliani Italy. Congratulations!
SWH Jetset CAH M0.
Black&tan minipin puppies born. Available males, look at PUPPIES-site.
12.6. Muhos
D. Yohtotähti BOS and got CAC. Now he have showmerits for Fi Ch. Judge Inese Pablaka, Latvia. D. Chit-Chat BOB-veteran and BF3. Judge Jari Laakso. Congratulations Samira and Pia!
D. Unget-at-able, Fast-n-furious and Nyr's Hope eyes healthy.
5.6. Tallinn, Estonia
Judge Agus Wardhana Indonesia. D. Chevalier BOB-veteran and BM3. He got couple new titles; Estonian Veteran Winner 2010 and Estonian Veteran Champion. D. Ed the Big Flop BM4.
30.5. Harjavalta
Judge Blaz Kavcic Slovenia. D. NYr´s Hope Ex2.
D. Own Dream eyes healthy.
22.5. Karijoki
Judge Matti Luoso. D. Ed the Big Flop BOB, BIG1 and BIS2!!! D. Mystic Mermaid in her first show BF4 and D. High Hope BF3. Breedersclass BIS1. Thanks to all for this great day!
D. Vicious Victor eyes healthy.
D. Envy Entity eyes healthy.
D. Own Will eyes HC
18.4. Vaasa int show
Judge Kirsi Kentala. D. Yohtotähti BM2 res-CACIB res-CAC and minipin D. Eternal Eve open class Ex2.
Riihikarsinan Dinky Divine eyes and knees healthy.
10.4. Kankaanpää
Judge Rony Doedjins from Holland. D. Ideal Idol BM2 res-CAC and D. Dillydallydroll BF2 res-CAC.
D. Ideal Idol and D. X-mas Saga CAH M0.
Our first minipin Lissu, Humblepup Honey Black bee, passed away at age 12,5 years. We miss her so much!
D. Ed the Big Flop and Multatuli Jivago eyes still healthy. D. Own Hope knees healthy, eyes HC.
21.3. Tampere int show
Judge Ann-Chatrine Edoff Sweden. D. X-mas Saga BOB, CACIB and CAC. Congratulations Peppi and Saaga!
Iidu's puppies have born. Available brown male.
D. Shilly-Shally is mated with D. Chevalier. Black&tan minipinpuppies expected middle of May.
6.3. Tallinn
Judge Ingrid Andersson Sweden. D. Yokeri BM2.
Denwest I'm Joyboy eyes healthy.
12.2. Tallinn int
Judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel. D. X-mas Dream championclass excellent
D. Bizarre Beau knees 1/1.
Denwest Own Hope HD-A.
30.1. Alavus
Judge Paavo Mattila. D. Yokeri BOB and got his last CAC. Congratulations!
D. Aviator Ace eyes healthy.
23.1. Turku int show
Judge Rob Douma. D. Yokeri BM2, res-CAC and res-CACIB, D. X-mas Saga BF4, res-CACIB, D. Czarina Ex1. Minipin D. Eternal Eve Ex3, judge Kitty Sjong. Congratulations!
D. Chevalier eyes still healthy, he is now 8 years!
Golden Carelia Arcelia was mated with D. Ace to Bogeyman, more on PUPPIES-site.
D. Arctic Madcap eyes healthy
D. X-mas Dream was mated with norwegian guy Mezzrow´s Fabio, more on PUPPIES-site.
10.1. Kajaani int show
Judge Julija Aidietiene. D. Arctic Madcap BF4. Congratulations!
Kelly's puppies were born, more on PUPPIES-site.


Tahi-réme Yogobella was euthanised. We miss this big person with all our love!!
13.12. Helsinki Nordic Winner show
Judge Kirsti Louhi. D. Yohtotähti finished his great year with NORDIC WINNER 2009-title. He was BOS and got CAC and CACIB, D. X-mas Dream BF3. Minipin D. One and Only Ex4 in juniorclass, judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo.
D. Arctic Madcap knees and heart healthy.
D. X-mas Dream competed in searching first time with exellent result HK1, congratulations Iidu and Mira!
28.11. Turku int show
Judge Zorica Salijevic. D. Yokeri BM2, CAC, res-CACIB, D. Czarina BF3 res-CACIB. Minipin D. Eternal Eve BF4, judge Kenneth Edh. Congratulations!
D. X-mas Dream vWD carrier.
21.11. Jyväskylä int show
J udge Frank Kane. D. Arctic Madcap Ex1
D. Yobinposti put asleep, owner's decision.
D. X-mas Dream CAH M0.
8.11. Tarto int.show, Estonia
D. Ed the Big Flop Ex in championclass, D. One and Only BOS-junior, jun-CAC and 4th best female. Congratulations Mimi and Hanna! And thanks for nice trip!!
7.11. Tarto int. show, Estonia
D. Ed the Big Flop championclass Ex4, D. One and Only juniorclass Ex2. Judge Boris Spoljaric, Croatia .
25.10. Seinäjoki int. show
D. Yokeri CAC, CACIB, BOB, D. Yohtotähti BM3. Judge Ingrid Anderson, Sweden. Gongratulations!
24.10 Seinäjoki int. show
D. Arctic Madcap Ex1, judge Ingrid Andersson.
D. Yokeri eyes healthy.
17.10. Tallinn, Estonia
Judge Juha Puurunen. D. Dillydallydroll get result FH1! Congratulations Didi and Tarja!
D. One and Only knees and eyes healthy.
10.10. Iisalmi
Judges Hynynen and Kerkkä. D. X-mas Rayofhope passed Finnish charactertest +78 points, secure with gunshots. Congratulations!
27.9. Eckerö int show
Judge Annmarie Maeland, Sweden. D. Yokeri CAC, CACIB and BOS. Congratulations!
Kauhajoki. D. X-mas Rayofhope passed BH-test. Congratulations!
D. X-mas Rayofhope and D. Yohtotähti vWD affected.
D. X-mas Dream competed in open class obedience; 2nd in her class with honourprize. Congratulations!
Frenchie D. After me Please heart healthy. 
6.9. Tampere
Judge Kirsi Niemelä. D. Yokeri 2nd best male and CAC. Congratulations Devil and Heidi!
Frenchie D. Ace to Bogeyman knees, eyes and heart healthy.
D. Smart Stuff knees and eyes healthy.
22.8. Tabasalu, Estonia
D. Dillydallydroll competed in Estonian national obedience and got KK1. She was 2nd in her class. Congratulations Didi and Tarja!
20.8. Hämeenkyrö
D. X-mas Dream were tracking and got 1-result from winnerclass JK3 and won her class. Congratulations!
16.8. Pärnu Estonia
Judge Thomas Becht. D. X-mas Dream passed ZTP test with excellent result V1A! Congratulations Iidu and Mira, again!
16.8. Ikaalinen
Judge Saija Juutilainen. D. Envy Entity 3rd best female.
8.8. Kauhajoki
Minipins D. Ed the Big Flop BOB, D. Legal Limit Ex1 in interm. class, D. One and Only Ex4 in juniorclass, D. Eternal Eve Ex3 in open class, D. Envy Entity Ex3 in champion class and D. High Hope 4th best female. Our breedergroup was BOB and BIS4. Judge was Janiki Steinbock, Israel. BIS-judge Kristina Purens.

Dobermanns D. Yohtotähti BOB, BIG1 and BIS2!!!! Amazing for 1,5 year old dog!!! D. X-mas Rayofhope 2nd best male, D. Dillydallydroll BOS, CAC, D. X-mas Dream 2nd best female. Our breedergroup was BOB and BIS2. Judge was Reijo Tuovinen. BIS-judge breedergroup was Kristina Purens, Group 2 judge was Zorica Salijevic and BIS-judge Janiki Steinbock.

I am so shocked about this remarkable day!! Thanks to all who made this possible!!!
8.8. Liminka
Judge marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa. D. Arctic Madcap BOS and got first CAC. Congratulations Greta and Maiju!
2.8. Pori int show
Minipins D. Ed the Big Flop BOS, CACIB, D. Shilly-Shally Ex3 in interm. class. Judge Carlos Fernandez renau, Spain. Dobermanns D. Yohtotähti 3rd best male, res-CAC and D. X-mas Saga 2nd best female, res-CAC & res-CACIB. Judge Nemanja Jovanovic, Serbia.
D. X-mas Dream passed Finnish Charactertest with high points 197, secure with gunshots. Judges Bengt Söderholm and Sirkka Lempinen. Well done girls!
25.7. Finnish Dobermann Championship in working
Our supercouple Iidu and Mira made it! D. X-mas Dream became Finnish Dobermann Champion in tracking!! I am so proud of you :-)
25.7. Mikkeli int show
Judge Ligita Zake Latvia. Frenchie D. Arctic Madcap juniorclass Ex2.
19.7. Oulu int
D. X-mas Rayofhope BOS, CACIB. Frenchies in juniorclass D. Ace to Bogeyman Ex4 and D. Arctic Madcap 4 best female. Judge Pete v Moontfoort, Holland. Congratulations!
18.7. Oulu int
Judge Cristiane Lafay, France. D. X-mas Rayofhope BOB, CAC and CACIB. D. Yohtotähti interm. class Ex1. Frenchie D. Arctic Madcap in her first official show 4th best female. Judge was Juha Putkonen. Congratulations!
12.7. Karjaa
Judge Linda Volarikova, Slovakia. D. X-mas Saga CAC, BOB and D. Yokeri CAC, BOS. Congratulations Saaga&Peppi and Heidi&Devil!!
5.7. Kokkola int show
Judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki. D. Eternal Eve Ex2 in big open class.
4.7. Piteå int show, Sweden
D. X-mas Dream 3rd best female and CAC -> Swedish Champion! Judge Horst Kliebenstein Germany. Congratulations again Iidu and Mira! Minipin D. Eternal Eve 4th best female, judge Rita Kadike, Lithuania.
28.6. Ogre, Latvia
Judge Nijole Zeniene Lithuania. D. One and Only Ex2 in juniorclass.
27.6. Pärnu int show, Estonia
D. Legal Limit 2nd best male, res-CACIB. D. One and Only BOS-junior and 4th best female, D. Shilly-Shally interm. Ex2. Judge Wyacheslav Werbitskiy, Belarus. Thanks to Tarja and Hanna for great company!!
27.6.Gällivare int show, Sweden
Judge Patrik Ragnarsson. D. Lady Mocowodo Ex1 in intermediate class.
27.6. Kemi
D. Czarina was searching and got excellent result 270 points with HK2 and I prize. Well done Riina and Katja!
D. X-mas Saga charactertest 110 points, secure with gunshots. Judges Jorma Lankinen and Sirkka Lempinen.
Anna and Remu (D. Bizarre Beau) competed in Agility Finnish Championship, they were one member of Finnish Miniaturepinschers team. Well done!
9.6. Hämeenkyrö
D. X-mas Dream were tracking and got excellent result with JK2. So, now she is Finnish Champion. Huge congratulation Iidu and Mira!!
7.6. Minipin Speciality show in Tallinn
Judge Irina Azen Belorussia. Intermediate class D. Legal Limit Ex1 and open class D. Eternal Eve Ex1, 3rd best female and ISPU-CAC. Thank you all for nice weekend in Tallinn!!
7.6. Estonian Dobermann Speciality show
Judge Thomas Becht Germany. D. Yohtotähti intermediate class Ex1 and D. X-mas Dream working class Ex3.
6.6. Tallinn, Estonian Winner show
D. Legal Limit intermediate class Ex2 and D. Ed the Big Flop chapion class Ex2. Judge Bojan Matakovic Croatia.
31.5. Mänttä
Judge Maija Mäkinen. D. Yokeri BOB & CAC. Congratulations Devil and Heidi again!
23.5. Rauma
Judge Gabriela Ridarcikova Slovakia. D. X-mas Saga BOB and got first CAC. Congratulations Peppi and Saaga!
23.5. Finnish Dobermann speciality show
Juniorclass D. Yohtotähti Ex, judge Allan Berling Christensen Denmark. Intermediate class D. Yokeri Ex4, open class D. X-mas Rayofhope Ex4 judge Merete Daalgard Denmark. Working class D. Czarina Ex2, D. X-mas Dream Ex3 judge Barbara Zanieri Italy. Thanks to all!
17.5. Varkaus
Judge Kamen Litov, Bulgaria. D. Yokeri BOB & CAC. Congratulations Heidi and Devil!
D. Legal Limit knees and eyes healthy.
10.5. Harjavalta
Judge Igor Selimovic, Croatia. Minipins D. Ed the Big Flop 2nd best male, D. Shilly-Shally juniorclass Ex3, D. Eternal Eve open class Ex3, D. Fleur du Temps Ex, D. High Hope 2nd best female. Dobermanns D. Rule the Roost 3rd best male, D. Xmas Saga open class Ex2, D. Czarina BOS and CAC and D. X-mas Dream 3rd best female. We got BOB-breedersclass. Thanks to all for great day! Special to Riina and Katja, well done girls!!
D. Yompikumpi HD-A OD-0.
BaltJW-06 BaltW-06 Smart Wood Hills Jetset mated with Denwest X-mas Rayofhope. More on PUPPIES-site!
3.5. Hankasalmi
D. X-mas Dream passed MH-test (Swedish charactertest).
D. East Hero knees and eyes healthy.
19.4. Kajaani
Judge Irina Poletaeva. D. Legal Limit started his show career with excellent result Interm. Ex1 4th best male res-CAC. Congratulations Usko and Piia!
D. United Inna eyes re-examed, still healthy.
D. Yompikumpi and Lady Mocovodo eyes healthy.
Passed away D. Raise the Roof. R.I.P. Fabian.
D. Yohtotähti, Dillydallydroll and Shilly-Shally eyes healthy. Frenchie Golden Carelia Arcelia knees 1/1, eyes healthy.
15.3. Tampere int
Judge Avi Marshak from Israel. D. X-mas Saga open class Ex2, D. Rule the Roost open class Ex3.
D. Ideal Idol rewarded as the best show dobermann in Finnish Dobermann Club Pohjanmaa area. He got also Pohjanmaan malja- challenge cup.
7.3. Keminmaa
D. X-mas Dream and Mira came to 7th place in Finnish Championship of skiing and to 4th place in Finnish Dobermanns' Championship of skiing in women's 5km race.
D. Yohtotähti HD-A, OD-0 and D. Yokeri HD-B/A, OD-0.
1.3. Kangasala
D. X-mas Dream 3rd place in skiingcompetition.
Denwest Bizarre Beau was awarded in Finnish Miniaturepinscherclubs competition; 2nd best beginner in agility 2008.
D. Lady Mocovodo knees healthy.
D. Shilly-Shally knees healthy
15.2. Tampere
Judge Otto Schimpf, Austria. D. Yokeri 4th best male. Congratulations Devil and Heidi!
D. Bizarre Beau made great work in agility competition, won his class with AgiCAC. Good luck to next/third class Remu and Anna!!
D. Lady Mocovodo Swedish Snautzer-Pinscher Club´s Best puppy 2008. Huge congratulations Asta and Neta!
25.1. Turku int
Minipin D. Ed the Big Flop Champion class Ex2, judge Shamil Abrakimov, Russia. Dobermann D. X-mas Dream working class Ex1, judge Christian Vantu, Romania.
18.1. Lahti
Judge Marja-Leena Kurvinen. D. X-mas Dream started her new year; BOS and CAC. Well done Iidu and Mira!
D. Beloved Bee eyes healthy.
D. Fay Mamacomamas eyes PHTVL1 and cataracta suspicion.
Our kennel's own forum opened, all are welcome. You can visit here .
D. Rough Rebel neck & spine x-rayed ok.